A lonely Christmas moon

The full moon, isn’t she beautiful tonight?

For a long time I’ve felt drawn to the moon. I used to be scared. Of the moon, the night sky and the darkness. Scared of all that is greater than me. But not anymore, now I find safety and comfort in the darkness and in the moonlight.

Whenever I feel insecure and send out a thought to the universe, asking for support, the response is often that I catch a glimpse of the moon (even in daytime). I interpret it as a confirmation, “I am here, with you. Always.”

The moon is always beautiful, but tonight she’s amazing. A lonely Christmas moon. A lonely soul and a lonely moon. There’s a connection. We are one.

It’s storming bad outside, raging really. Poetry is rushing around in my head. But the moon is calm and so, so beautiful. And the heart is calm. We are one.

I always meditate at full moon. In the same way that I lay out my crystals in the moonlight for “charging”, my intention is to connect with the moon, to raise my vibration and collect some of those feminine lunar energies.

The meditation today was powerful. This moon really is something special.

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