The completion process

I’m so grateful. My whole being is so grateful, that I’m not sure I have the words to describe it. I’m just thankful that I got the opportunity to participate in the completion tour.

Christine showed me an entirely new world. Literally. She helped me on so many levels. Not only were some of my self-imposed veils lifted through the completion process, but I noticed things changing outside of the sessions as well. Those are perhaps the things that amazes me the most. The way my intuition grew stronger, more clear and confident, is just one example.

From the moment I picked Christine up at the airport, her aura of kind and sympathetic energy was obvious. I immediately felt comfortable with her. This feeling persisted throughout the week, both during the sessions and outside of them.

On many occasions I found it interesting – and a bit unusual – that I felt so relaxed and willing to let Christine witness my vulnerability to such extent. But her ever encouraging attitude has that effect on you. Be it through a few professionally directed questions, her intuitively voicing her thoughts on topics that have been needing feedback for a long time, or a friendly hand on the shoulder when passing in the kitchen, that we touch-starved Swedes are not at all used to.

What Christine does, and what seems to come to her naturally, is exactly what coaching is. Helping someone by kindly pointing out the obstacles and then guiding them through them.

Thank you so much, for giving me this opportunity. <3

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